Monday, January 28, 2008

Marlene Forte Joins Star Trek

Variety is reporting that Marlene Forte is joining Star Trek as the Transporter Chief for the USS Enterprise. Keep in mind this is under Pike's Enterprise, so it wouldn't be Lt. John Kyle at the controls. In the Cage, the role was filled by Chief Pitcarin (played by Clegg Hoyt, voiced by Robert C Johnson) but one assumes that promotions would have occurred in the interim.

Not really sure why this piece of casting deserved a press release considering the role will probably be minor. Not a clue who Marlene Forte, her pic doesn't ring any bells but her IMDB profile is here.

She also has alredy done a 42 minute audio interview with Sci-Fi Talk which you can listen to here. For whatever reason I couldn't get it to play in IE but played fine in Firefox. The interview is mostly focused on her career and doesn't reveal much because the actress doesn't know anything due to the secrecy around the movie. (source)

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