Sunday, January 6, 2008

Three Spocks For Star Trek

Leornard Nimoy, in an interview with CBS 2 in LA, threw out a tidbit of information regarding Star Trek XI and Spock, "I am Spock, and there is another Spock and there is another Spock. There are a total of three Spocks in the movie and that is all I will say about it." Obviously the first two Spocks is Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. The third one, more then likely is a much younger Spock, probably as a boy.

I am wondering if the movie might show a moment of semi-canon Spock history from the animated series. That moment is when a 10 year old Spock, angry at his father, pre-maturely undergoes the "Kahs-wan", a Vulcan coming of age ritual in the worse Vulcan desert called The Forge. Spock almost dies but is saved by the sacrfice of his pet sehlat I-Chaya and an older time-traveling Spock. This theory is semi-supported by Leonard Nimoy's apperance on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (see video below but not working so well) where he mentions a Vulcan Sehlat. He also commented on the whole William Shatner thing by pointing out that “[Spock] was resurrected immediately, [Kirk] has been moldering for quite a while.”

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