Thursday, January 24, 2008

Orci Comments On Star Trek Trailer

With the teaser trailer for Star Trek XI out, writer Roberto Orci spoke with about it. He discusses the trailer, some of the casting, and that the Enterprise being constructed above Earth rather then Mars was intentional.

Of note is that the roles of Chris Hemsworth and Jennifer Morrison is apparently the parents of James T Kirk. So I guess they had kids at age 10. Ah Hollywood and their casting of pretty people in ways that don't make much sense.

The full interview is here.

- The use of the JFK quote was to a used in part to illustrate JKF-Kirk similarities, also because JFK kicked off the space race and finally in a nod to Star Trek Enterprise television series.
- Would not comment if the trailer scene is used in the movie.
- The line from Nimoy is new, record "between takes."
- The Enterprise being assembled above Earth is a little creative license to make a connection between Earth of today and Star Trek future and also because he figured that in calibrating to earth standard gravity, it made since to do it above the gravity well of Earth. (Make it a retro fit, rather then assembling of the Enterprise and it being done above Earth would be easily explained. New ships tend be reserved for Utopia Plantia. Of course all this is a quibble from a Trekkie. The average viewer will not know nor care.)
- The site did note that the dedication plaque for the Enterprise canonically says "San Francisco, California.". (That is less to do with construction of but rather because that is the location of Starfleet Command and Starfleet Academy.)
- The title "Star Trek" is left out for no other reason then to invite curiousity.

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  1. Though J.J. is a gifted director...I would've preferred Leonard Nimoy or Nick Meyer to direct the film. They each know the canon of Star Trek REALLY well (especially since they succesfully directed 4 of the 6 original cast feature films). They wouldn't have screwed with or have rewritten ANY of Star Trek's canon. Trekkies or Trekkers will be disappointed with the film in my opinion if J.J. doesn't stick to the canon of the franchise by the letter. Good luck J.J. in screwing up the franchise.