Wednesday, April 9, 2008

"Iowa" Shoot Info and Video

From, 2nd unit crew for Star Trek is in Bakersfield, California shooting for the film. From executive producer Jeffery Kernov, "We wanted something that looked like Iowa, and we also wanted to stay close to Los Angeles. So, we came out here and scouted and realized that we can kind of make Iowa out of Bakersfield." The footage is probably being used to show the home life of a pre-pubescent James T Kirk but the details remain unknown.

The KGET news report can be found here. I did embed the video but unfortunately it’s set to auto play and I wasn't able to cut that off. Personally I find it very annoying to just have video start playing without my ok so I am forced to go with the link instead. Also, below is the original news report and also some raw news footage of the corvette scene being prepped which later involved an unplanned car crash.

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