Thursday, June 12, 2008

Nimoy Talks Trek With NPR

NPR has posted an interesting interview with Leornard Nimoy (Spock) as he discusses the character during the TOS era. The full article is here and some selected quotes are below.

On "Fascinating":
"The director, God bless him, said be different from everyone else," Nimoy remembers. So on the next take: "Fascinating," in that cool, collected way. "I think in that moment a very important aspect of the character was born," Nimoy says.

On Spock's family background:
"When [Gene Roddenberry] hired me to do the role," Nimoy says, "he gave me a very interesting dynamic to work with, in that Spock's mother was human, his father was Vulcan. He was sort of a half-breed."

On Spock:
"I think that's one of the most interesting things about Spock," says Nimoy. "It's not what you're getting, but what you don't get — what peeks out occasionally."

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