Friday, July 25, 2008

Star Trek Print Panel

While the Star Trek movie is currently a no show at San Diego Comic-Con, the books and comics where represented at a panel held today that reveals the next year plans for the franchise.

Three part "Destiny" series will launch this fall that involves an all out Borg attack and the discovery of the starship Columbia in the 24th century (TNG era). It was lost during the "Enterprise" 22nd century era so it appears the series will cover the two time periods. The books will involve most of the characters and captains from those eras that "promises to change the face of the Federation forever." The first book is called "Gods of Night."

Due to the movie, the 23rd century (TOS era) has been "walled off" for the novels. However, there is a book called "Kobayashi Maru" coming out but what era it covers is not mentioned.

In comic related news, IDW plans a new run of Alien Spotlight issues that covered the Ferengi, Klingons, and the Q. There will also be a Mirror Universe mini series called Star Trek: The Last Generation that will cover a rebellion led by Picard on the Klingon occupied Earth.

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