Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Simon Pegg and Trek Talk

Simon Pegg is making the rounds to promote the DVD release of "Spaced" and of course Trek came up when talking to Kevin and Bean. The podcast of the inteview is here. He also sat down with MTV and talked a little but didn't reveal anything(video below). Last is an interview with David Letterman where Pegg reveals how he was offered the role.

The highlights via
- On Abrams and approaching the roles: "I think everybody had to just take it from the ground up and go back to what all the original guys did with it and look at the characters, see who they were and play them as that."
- "Zach Quinto, who does Spock, is phenomenally like… I mean, he looks like Leonard Nimoy. On set, out of the corner of your eye, you’d think it was Leonard, it was really weird. And Chris [Pine], who’s Kirk, has just got that fantastic sort of swagger, you know, that Shatner had and it’s… I think it’s going to be right, I’m so excited about it."
- "What was weird for me about doing Star Trek was…to have [Nimoy] on set, to be near a character that I had known since I was a child. Not just the actor but the character. I rarely saw him out of his ears, you know, because he used to get into make-up first. It was phenomenal, and he was such a gentle, sort of brilliant guy."
- "In Spaced there is a line where Tim says something about every odd number Star Trek movie being shit which is a huge irony considering I’m starring in Star Trek 11. So it is funny how those things come back to haunt you. Obviously the rule doesn’t apply anymore [laughs]."
- Was offered the role in a phone call from J.J. Abrams, "...coming back from New York. Landed in London. There was an email from JJ Abrams who I met doing Mission Impossible III... It was just an email that said 'Do you want to play Scotty?'. I didn't process it. I thought it was some cool LA greeting...and it took me five minutes to actually realize he's offering me the part of Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott."

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