Friday, February 13, 2009

"Cadet" Tania Gunadi Interview

IGN spoke briefly with actress Tania Gunadi (Aaron Stone) about her small role in Star Trek where she plays a Starfleet Academy Cadet. Thanks to Brian for the link.
IGN: can you talk at all about your role in Star Trek?
Gunadi: Well, I did sign a contract where I can't say anything! But I think it's okay to say that I am playing a Starfleet Cadet.

IGN: Right. I saw that listed on imdb.
Gunadi: Yeah. It's a small role. I worked for three days and they were shooting for about four months. But I will say that I am an alien. I'm one of the aliens. I must say that the makeup took about four or five hours to put on and two hours to take off – to remove. It's pretty cool, but I can't tell you what the alien is.

IGN: What was it like working on a such a large production?
Gunadi: It was amazing. J.J. Abrams is so nice. He's so nice and everyone was so cool. They make sure you can breathe [under the makeup] and they take care of you. No one was stuck up or anything. And the food was so good! [Laughs] And I love food! There was lots of green screen.

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