Monday, March 16, 2009

Sonita Henry Interview

Who is Sonita Henry? She is "The Doctor", as in the one that delivers James T. Kirk to the universe as the USS Kelvin is under attack by Nero. Below are a few choice questions with the full interview here.
Mike: Where you a fan of the series?
Sonita: Of course! My older brother and my dad were huge into the original TV show.

Mike: With Star Trek, I don't think the fans care how large or small a role is; they will be interested in your character for many years to come.
Sonita: I've been to two Comic Cons. It's always interesting to walk around Comic Cons and to see the actors signing their head shots and you're like: What exactly did you do in that TV show or movie? And they're like, "Well, I played the third lieutenant from the left." And your like: Excellent, good job, keep going (laughs) ... good for you.

Mike: Well, along those lines: You will always have a special place in Star Trek fandom because your character is the first person ever to meet Captain Kirk, right?
Sonita: Yes, I am. I am the person that delivers Kirk, holds Kirk. And I like to think that if I had sneezed or fallen (laughs) ... what would have happened to Star Trek?

Mike: Your character is listed as "The Doctor." There's no name yet?
Sonita: As far as I know there wasn't.

Mike: Do you want to give her a name right now?
Sonita: What name would she be? I don't even know what she looks like.

Mike: Really? Did they add effects later?
Sonita: Yes. There will be effects. I'm not sure where my character is from, they never told me that. I won’t know what I look like until I actually watch the movie.

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