Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Negative Star Trek Review and Story Summary

It took a while but someone finally posted a negative review of Star Trek. Be aware that the review includes a complete summary of the movie including some really bad news for Vulcan. Overall, as a Trekkie, I think it is probably a good thing that this movie takes place in a seperate Star Trek 2.0 universe from the Prime universe as the changes (and ignorance of canon) are rather substanial in scale.

Initial Thoughts:
Hmmm.... First off, I have to admit that every time i've walked out of a movie I have never been totally impressed. I think it may be due to all the excitement.
I hated Transformers and Wrath of Kahn, but over time they grew on me. Now I love TWOK and am OK with Transformers. I think it just took time on me. So understand that my initial reactions may be premature.

My first thoughts on the film is that it's OK. If you are a trekie and you want to see star trek, then see it. However I was expecting more. If I was going to rate it compared to the other films, i'd put it above The Voyage Home but below TWOK/FC. It is most akin to "The Undiscovered Country" in that it's fast paced but not too serious.

If you were to ask me if I was happy with it, i'd say "No"
but when I think about it, i guess i'd have to say "Yes"

THE STORY (in brief detail, I do miss some plot points):
The basic breakdown is this.
Nero's ship appears in front of the Kelvin from a singularity. It attacks the Kelvin, but Kirks dad takes command and saves the fleeing crew, including the unborn James T Kirk.
Cut to the future. Kirk gets in a fight. He gets told to join starfleet by Pike. Three years later (again... another jump in the future) the Narada picks up Old Spock who also appears out of a singularity
Kirk has now finished 3 years of training. He beats the Kobiyashi Maru when suddenly Vulcan is under attack. A fleet is assembled and they all go to Vulcan and get killed, except for the Enterprise.
Pike is captured, Spock takes command and the Enterprise flees at low warp. Vulcan is destroyed by a black hole weapon. Kirk gets angry and fights Spock as Kirk wants to fight Nero. Spock abandons him on a Vulcan moon.
On the moon, kirk meets old spock (who tells him the future... yada yada yada) and they also meet scotty. They beam back onto the Enterprise and kirk forces spock out of the command.
So kirks in command, the Narada is at earth and it is trying to blow it up using the black hole weapon. Young spock blows up the weapon while kirk fights nero.

Everyone cheers and the Enterprise goes to warp with the overtune of "Space the Final Frontier"

It's like Transformers, just in the Star Trek universe.
It's fast, too fast. They rush into the story, don't lay any foundations (for the average viewer) and most of the movie is about meeting the characters.
You barely see Nero before he is killed.
The movie is action packed. Lots of fast paced fights, lots of CG and, well, just watch Transformers and you'll know what i mean.

The references to Trek. If you are a trekkie, you will LOVE the references. Lots of stuff like "i'm a doctor, not a physicist" and all that kind of stuff. That was great.
The music was ok, but the sound effects were awesome. Going to Warp was AMAZING!
The graphics were also pretty good - you get the feel from the trailers.
The movie is also a bit more 'real' in the sense that they have NOKIA phones, Engineering looks like a factory (like in TOS) with pipes and nuts and bolts, and the ENTERPRISE looks very cool, especially when it warps into Titan and emerges from the atmosphere.

It was too fast. There was too much focus on action and not enough on the story. Like the latest Indiana Jones, most of the movie was spent doing stuff that didn't matter, like HOW Kirk met Scotty.
Also, you barely see the Enterprise. There is barely a space battle.

- The enterprise fires phasers and torpedoes (which are blue), the first time the 1701 has done so in a movie since Star Trek 2

The Federation know who the Romulus are before Nero appears in front of the Kelvin! This is ****. They arn't supposed to know for a few more years. Yet spock already knows that Vulcans and Romulans are the same species.

Physics goes out the window. True trekies will be pissed off about the Black Hole weapon as it destroys Vulcan but none of the other planets are affected. A convenient super weapon... pft.

There is also a **** ending with the Enterprise ejecting the cores (yes, it has about 5 mini-cores) to escape from the black hole - ala Insurrection.

I was left wanting more. Not more of what I was given, but more from the movie itself. It didn't offer a STAR TREK experiences, instead just a group of people that just happened to be called Kirk and Spock
The story is utter crap and the movie is only saved by the premise of the film itself, that it is a re-boot.
JJ will have to have a much more developed, interesting storyline if he is going to keep the attention of the traditional fan-base, because "STAR TREK" is not aimed at us.

I had a huge rant prepared because I am more than a bit annoyed at some story beats, how Navel ranks (and the experience they imply) are completely ignored disrespectfully for the easy of a story point and other issues but decided not to bother as what came before is sadly irrelevant.

It is a whole new tapestry. The movie is defining 2.0 canon in whatever way the writers and directors see fit and die hard Trekkies will have to accept it or get out of the way. Despite claims, this movie isn't for them; the Prime universe was left mostly alone for that purpose. The movie is for the casual fan that wants an action fix and has casual awareness of the franchise. If the reviews have proven anything, that goal may just be achieved.


  1. Wow, don't spoil the film for the rest of us. Jerk

  2. LOL, this is were reading the entire post rather then skipping to "the good stuff" can cause problems. Otherwise you would have noticed the second sentence "Be aware that the review includes a complete summary of the movie...".

    Besides this has been a spoiler blog from day one. Not going to say spoiler over and over again. It is implied.

  3. eh? of course they know who the romulans, you should really watch some Star Trek again if your gonna say silly things like that!

    I would alsosay that the two best Treks, First Contact and Khan are also very fast paced and the story in khan is pretty underdeveloped, this is a doomsday weapon that makes planets and heres a villian we took from the series to save time(an awesome villian however)

    anyway, yeah film looks awesome getting good review, one pessimistic view isnt gonna change that, Trek Rules!

  4. WonderboyCoz,

    In the original series, before the episode "Balance of Terror," Starfleet did know about the Romulans, but they had never seen them face to face. They didn't know what they looked like and had no idea Romulans were an offshoot of the Vulcans.

    And First Contact is poop.

  5. The Trek Girl4/15/2009 12:29 PM

    First Contact Rocked!!! But that's not what I'm here to post about...

    I'm thankful for the siynopsis, and If you even thought it was spoiler, I laugh in your face.

    Because we all know that star trek is predictable. It will always end wtih the good guys winning.

    Thats TREK!!! GET OVER IT!!!

    The only question is who dies. And if you watch the series, you can figue it out.

    I knew NERO DIED before I read this.

    I've watched my trek episodes like a good little girl, and I don't see him.

    Anyway, this confirms my suspicions, while I am still excited to see this movie.

    And write FanFiction.

    Star Trek needed action. The failures of the last 3 series' prove that that audience is all bye bye.

    I'm glad my fave show has gotten with the times!

    I'm going just to see kid Spock. I mean c'mon, that's all a true trekkie needs in the end.

    ANYWAY!!! I just wanted to say thanks!

  6. I do wonder if the guy who runs this site likes the idea of ignoring everything about the last 40 years and wants it wiped out completely to make him feel happy and satisfied with life. It's clear he's a not fan and doesn't care one way or another.

    I'm not the most diehard fan, and have fallen in and out of the franchise over the last 15 years anyway. So, I'm not bothered by what they do because I think this just changes TOS that's all.

    The Wrath of Khan and First Contact are the best Trek movies of all time.

    Also, I think everything works out in the end in terms of canon anyway.

    But like I said guy who runs this site must enjoy saying "screw the last 40 years. I'm not a true fan. You can kiss my butt." That's my opinion of this site's founder.

  7. You would be incorrect. As usual, try reading everything and not skipping around and you would have seen this sentence "I had a huge rant prepared because I am more than a bit annoyed at some story beats..."

    The reality though is Prime universe canon is irrlevant, the writers (with Paramount's approval) have created a 2.0 universe that gives them blank check to do whatever they want.

    That can't be changed. So your options are to rant and rave or accept it. I have simply chosen to accept it since the former option will accomplish absolutly nothing (and therefore illogical).

    Prime U. will remain my favorite and I will continue to enjoy the books (highly recommend Star Trek: Destiny trilogy) but this movie is the new direction of the Star Trek franchise for better or for worse.

  8. I agree. I'm a big Trek fan and I thought the movie forced too much action. The story was flimsy and it seems like it was written around having old-Spock in it, which i could have done without. I didn't believe Nero's motivation for wanting to kill Spock. If my planet was wiped out, I wouldn't travel across the universe to destroy the last bit of my geneology. (i.e. Vulcan, Romulan cousins.) And why are all Romulan miners required to have bald heads and facial tattoos? I didn't believe the story and I think rodenberry is turning over in his urn orbiting Cestus 3.

  9. This movie was weak,and there were many details omitted to keep it snappy that would have satisfied both old-timers and newer fans but no. I still haven't forgiven Orci and Kurtzman for the horrid bodge they put on Transformers.
    Thanks alot D-bags,yet another franchise you've ruined attempting to "revitalize" it.