Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Star Trek Official Site Updates

The official site for the upcoming movie,, has added few new features that might be worth checking out. The site now has a dossier section on the characters, bridge panoramas, and gallery of re-designed Enterprise models.

The Dossiers section currently has info on Kirk, Pike, McCoy, Uhura and the USS Kelvin. It includes downloadable wallpaper and little factoids about each character. The bridge panoramas is s 360 degree view of the Enterprise bridge in both normal and red alert mode and provides a look at the consoles which seems to be inspired by Apple in color tone with a few physical switches as a nod to The Original Series but a huge focus on touch panels (much like The Next Generation used).

Last is the Enterprise Model Gallery, that uses the Enterprise model as the base only artists add their own twist to it, usually in the form of a new color scheme or alterations to the shape. Not really sure the point of this section is except as a way for people to see goofy uses of the Enterprise (such as UPS Delivery).

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