Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shatner Talks To The Insider

In an interview with The Insider, William Shatner discusses not being in the upcoming movie, JJ Abrams, and Chris Pine (who he just recently met). To a degree it’s a rehash of old arguments despite Shatner's claims of ignorance. Basically it comes down to three reasons. One is in Star Trek Prime continuity, his version of James Kirk died in Star Trek: Generations so bring him back would require some story hoops to explain the return.

This leads to reason two which is the whole point of this is a re-launch of the franchise minus all that continuity. Nimoy's Spock is essentially there to pass the baton and nothing more; it’s almost a glorified cameo. Which brings us to reason three, Shatner has said that he doesn't do cameos, but wanted a decent sized role in the film, again a problem considering reason two. As an aside, I have read Shatner's Trek books and highly recommend them. So like it or not, the re-launch of the Star Trek franchise shall remain Shat-less.

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