Monday, May 4, 2009

Star Trek Hollywood Premiere Videos

Paramount and have videos from the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek last week.

This first video from Paramount gives you an idea of how strange the whole thing is as hundreds of photographers (the noise in the background of the video below) literally yell in an attempt to get a good picture of the stars as the walk down the carpet and do mini-interviews for upcoming magazines and news programs to help sell the movie. It makes you wonder what is going on through their heads during the whole bizarre process.

These next videos, from, gives you snippets of interviews with the new movie cast as they answer a few questions each. The second video is past Star Trek alumni talking about Trek and the new film.

Also click here to view a photo stream from the premiere from the fine folks at

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  1. Hi, I know this is off topic so I apologize, but TV Spots #13 and #14 don't display corrected so they are overlapping the posted news as well as interfering with new videos posted with the news.

    If you could fix that, it would be much appreciated, thanks.