Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend Box Office Report

Week three for Star Trek and it finishes the week in the third spot ($22M) behind Night at the Museum 2 ($53.5) and Terminator Salvation ($43M). Rounding out the top spots is Angels and Demons ($22.4M) and Dance Flick ($22.4M). Wolverine dropped to 6th ($7.8M). These numbers do not include Memorial Day in the states. As of now Star Trek easily hold the spot as most successful movie of the summer with a domestic take of $183.6M to Wolverine's $163M. Currently it resides just behind Monsters and Aliens for highest domestic grossing film of the year which is $193M. Suffice it to say that if Trek doesn't exceed that by tomorrow, it will by the end of the week.

International numbers puts Star Trek in fourth place ($11.5M in 58 markets) for total of $87.5M. Angels & Demons was first ($60.4M in 99 markets), Museum 2 was second ($50.1M in 93 markets). As you can see Star Trek is not finished premiering in many markets so its overseas total is likely to grow much higher.

Grand total, Star Trek's worldwide sales is $271M, easily making it the most successful Star Trek movie to date. As for next week, Up is getting released so keeping with the pattern, Trek is likely to take 4th place on its 4th week of release.

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