Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Star Trek - What You Missed

TNMC.org has posted a summary of cut scenes and dialogue that was not used in the theatrical release of Star Trek (but might have been filmed and used as deleted scenes for the disc release). Click here for the full details but below is a summary which assumes you have seen the film already.

Deleted scenes:
- Film opens with birth of Spock and Amanda not please Sarek isn't present then goes to birth of Kirk (just before attack).
- After the Narada destroys the Kelvin, Klingon warbirds decloak and surround it leading to Nero's capture.
- Before Kirk's joyride we meet Uncle Frank (a douche) and brother George who is leaving and says Kirk's follows the rules to much. Later Kirk is washing the corvette and then the joyride (I guess to prove brother wrong).
- cut to Rura Penthe Klingon Prison with Nero and crew as caught trying to smuggle Federation maps to determine when/where Spock will emerge. A slug (like one used on Pike near film's end) is used on Nero to try and torture him into confession why he wants the maps. Nero's (now dead) pregnant wife is used to overcome the torture. Shortly after Nero busts out of the prison with ease to begin his revenge against Spock.
- Another scene shows how Uhura's roommate the Orion Gaila helps him hack the Kobayashi Muru test by opening a message at a certain time to unleash a virus on the program.
- A line is cut on the Delta Vega ice planet commenting on the improbability of the two meeting.
- On approach to Earth, Narada crew considers mutiny since destruction of Vulcan completes their revenge and they just want to return to Romulus. Nero kills Ayel (who lives in the final cut of the film) as he wants revenge against off of the Federation.
- The gun battle in the film originally had Spock getting cruelly violent with the Romulans.
- In Spock meets Spock Prime scene, the written Kirk Prime scene with a holographic video of William Shatner's Kirk singing happy birthday to Spock and congratulating him on becoming an ambassador. Shatner's refusal to do cameos put the kibosh on that scene.

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