Monday, July 27, 2009

Pre-Orders for Star Trek Now Available

Amazon and Best Buy have both posted their pre-order pages for JJ Abram's Star Trek with approximations of the final designs for the packaging. The movie is being released in three basic formats of one disc DVD ($21), two disc DVD ($22), or three disc Blu-Ray ($28), prices will probably change as get closer to release date. The details on the extra features for each can be found here. The movie will be released on November 17, 2009.

Amazon 3-Disc Blu-Ray | Amazon 2-Disc DVD | Amazon 1-Disc DVD

In addition to above, Best Buy has their pre-order page up for the Star Trek Limited Edition Blu-Ray Gift Set for $39.99. The set includes the 3-disc Blu-ray edition and four replica Starfleet Division badges. I have a feeling that Best Buy will not be the only store that will have their own exclusive sets so personally I am going to wait on pre-ordering anything but if you do, feel free to use the links above to help a blogger out.


  1. Live at 10 pm, the children of Star Trek !! Eugene Roddenberry's son, Rod and James Doohan's son, Chris join us for gab-fest on the happenings of the world,, and maybe even a just a few opinions of Star Trek.

  2. Thats not the actual cover art is it, can't they come up with something a bit more interesting that the a poster made to look like the cover.