Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Star Trek XI Trailers, TV Spots and Posters

As a way to clear up the front page, putting all the posters, trailers and TV spots that I could find. To my knowledge there is 1 teaser, about 3 theatrical trailers and 15 TV spots but sadly not able to find all of them as users either pulled some of them down or Paramount had them yanked and just generally didn't make it easy to create a "collection" of all the spots so people could view them which strikes me as a wasted opportunity with the DVD and Blu-ray editions of the movie. Whoever works for Marketing at Paramount really should create a YouTube channel that makes it easy to find and distribute their advertisments in HD format. Aksi below are the links found as part of the promotional campaign that may or may not work.

Trailers and TV Spots Playlist


UK PosterUK VariantGerman PosterItalian PosterStar Trek 11 Teaser 2

Intel's Starfleet Shipyards | Star Trek Picture Pool | NCC-1701

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