Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wil Wheaton's Trek Cameo

It turns out that Wil Wheaton did have a cameo in the recent Star Trek film, just not in a way expected. Rather then having an onscreen role, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wesley Crusher provided voice work for the various Romulan crew members on Nero's ship.

From Wheaton's blog:
I met JJ at an ADR stage a few days later, where he told me the entire plot of the movie (and, for the record, hearing JJ Freakin' Abrams tell you the plot of his Star Trek is even more awesome than you'd expect) and showed me some of the scenes that I'd be dubbing. I ended up providing voices for all the Romulans on Nero's ship, including the guy who tells him that "it's time" at the very beginning of the movie. (Yeah, how cool is that?)

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