Friday, December 4, 2009

Star Trek Online Collector's Edition, Trailer and New Info

The last few days has resulted in a bunch of Star Trek Online information popping up online including a new trailer, details on the Collector's Edition of the game, D.A.C. update, and more.

Star Trek Online Collector's Edition
It took a while but finally some details on this $80 special package version of the game. It contains the same game but has extra goodies for the extra $30 it costs. According to GameStop, this version will have "deluxe packaging" with "3dx holography set in a high quality brushed aluminum finish" with magnetic closures and compartments. The Manual will be hardbound with art book and disk case all in one package. It also comes with a cast metal communicator badge based on the in game model, three 10-day free trials of the game for friends, a special in game device called Red Matter Capacitor that provides a bump in energy, and in game Next Generation and Deep Space Nine uniforms. Additionally, depending on the store, there are special pre-order in game upgradable being provided. Amazon has a Borg Bridge Officer while Gamestop modified Starfleet Constitution Class Starship. This and the regular edition will be release February 2, 2010.

New Game Trailer (mirror)
This new trailer for the game is a compilation of ships trading fire and exploding in battle. It doesn't really give you any clue about game play but does show off some of the graphics and various classes of ships in the game.

D.A.C. Deluxe Edition DLC
Available now is a free update to Star Trek D.A.C. to bring it up to the PS3 and PC versions. The DLC that adds a new mode to the game called "Survival Mode." This mode is single-player that has you trying to outlast waves of Romulan enemies. It also includes new maps, picks, customizations and more.

Daniel Stahl Interview
An interview with Star Trek Online Producer as he discusses various aspects of the game including crafting system (not really one), guild system (aka fleets with leaders, recruiting and more), economy (based on tech trading, replicator credit, and Starfleet merit), PvP (maps can have different objects), and starship bridges (each class has distinct layout with theme and layout customization allowed).

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