Tuesday, January 12, 2010

STO: Open Beta Begins, New Trailer and Q&As

The week has barely begun but already lots of new stuff regarding Star Trek Online. The MMORPG is coming in February but if that is too long a wait the Open Beta has official begun. The Beta is running from 1/12 to 1/26 is generally available only to those that pre-ordered the game or received it through their partners. To sign in or get more information about Open Beta click here.

In the meantime, below is the new Klingon Faction trailer for the game that shows up the Klingon side of the game which is much more PvP oriented then the Federation side. It doesn't show much, more hinting at the possibilities which look pretty interesting.

Last bit of news is two interviews with staff from the game. Jack Emmert briefly discusses the PvP elements of the game (here) while Al Rivera talks about the starships of the game (here).

- PvP optional, mechanics focus on Klingon vs Federation
- Items sold for Cryptic Points will follow the Champion's Online model (nope not sure what that means).
- Klingons have 4 types of cruiser, 4 science vessels, 5 types of Birds of Prey, and one type of Carrier.
- The Carrier, battle cruiser, raider, and raptor unlock when achieve General level
- Kits change look for ground action, currently no items to change Klingon ship look.
- Going up in ranks gives you new ships or unlocks new options within a ship.
- Players can have up to eight ships can be kept at a time. At top level have six ships that can swap between depending on mission needs.
- A ship is given free but can also purchase additional ships with the Energy currency.
- Upgrades can be swapped from ship to ship.
- Two cloaks (standard and battle). Standard cannot be used in battle. Cloaking does force shields to drop and player unable to fire. Cloaking not perfect so strong sensors with enough energy or get too close will make you targetable. Also enough energy to cloak improves it.

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