Monday, May 3, 2010

Shatner: "Play Hard to Get" for Sequel

It looks like the cat and mouse game that William Shatner has enjoyed playing for the last several years in regards to the Star Trek reboot will continue. On the Red Carpet recently asked Kirk "Prime" what if he will be in the sequel to which he replied:
“JJ Abrams and I are Twitter friends. Twitter friends and acquaintances. He’s a wonderful artist and I would love to work with him,” he said. But as for the sequel? “I would play very hard to get,” he joked. “That’s not a no. That’s not a yes. Yes, no, yes.”
I wouldn't hold my breath on an appearance, partly because Shatner doesn't do cameos and partly because there is simply no reason to invite Kirk "Prime" to the show. That ship sailed when Shatner turned down the first movie. The sequel will likely be a real attempt by all involved to blaze their own trail and will invoke as little previous canon as possible.

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