Friday, February 3, 2012

Star Trek Online Turns 2

Thursday marked the second anniversary of the now free to play Star Trek Online (download). To mark the occasion, STO is doing an in game celebration from now until 10:00am PST Monday, February 6th, 2012. There will be various special activities including the "Daily Q Mission" and a one-time flagship mission. The Q Mission is assigned to players each day by visiting the character at Earth Spacedock or on Qo'noS and involves dealing with pests on each perspective planet's Academy grounds. The flagship mission, available to any player above level 5, involves a shakedown cruise of the new Starfleet Odyssey class or Klingon Bortas class starships. Completion will grant you a starship that is useable once at level 50. The details can be read here.

In addition, the game is prepping season 5 to the game that will be released on Saturday, February 11th. The storyline focuses on Deep Space Nine and the return of the Dominion and their shape shifting masters. A teaser video is below.

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