Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Star Trek Sequel Completes Principle Photography

Today JJ Abrams has completed filming Star Trek 2 (or 12) and now moves on to the post-production phase. The news was confirmed by TrekMovie when Trek writer Bob Orci wrote "And... That's a wrap!" Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto also confirmed the wrap via twitter. Pegg tweeted "Time to pull on the old work clothes and hit the coal face one more time..." with pic of his costume shirt while Quinto wrote "zq. picture wrap. holy shit" with pic of his set chair.

Filming occurred from January 12th to May 8th and as expected Abrams kept everything close to the vest. In theory after nearly five months of filming the only real leaks is Spock fighting Khan and Leonard Nimoy may reprise his role. And the costumes might involve a black shirt. So that covers a few minutes of the movie. The very first trailer will reveal more than the entire production did. Quite an impressive feat in secret keeping if think about it.

The film doesn't come out until May 17, 2013 so post-production will have plenty of time to perfect those lens flares. All kinds of works remains with editing, special effects, scoring, sound effects, ADR and host of other tasks that don't involve filming but will likely keep Abrams occupied through the rest of the year. For fans, hopefully the next bit of breaking news will come via the San Diego Comic-Con in July where Trek writer Damon Lindale had indicated a desire to present something for fans. It would be a good time to premiere a teaser trailer...

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