Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chris Pine Talks Trek Sequel

Chris Pine continues the rounds to promote People Like Us that is coming out this Friday. During the various interviews, he occasionally commented on the Star Trek sequel. As usual nothing specific. He told AICN, "the story is that much better and the journey that these guys go on is that much more". People directory Alex Kurtzman also commented say that the movie is not the bridge crew from series "in age nor in experience". By this I think he means that they are still learning about each other and working as a team. Not quite rookies but not the experienced pros Trekkies have been used to from the Star Trek 1-10.

Pine also commented to Red Eye Chicago about taking on the Kirk role and how the crew helped him understand the importance of the role while filming the first movie.
I’m sure [fans] wanted Shatner back with a good makeup job.
CP: Totally. Totally. What was surprising to me … well, I will say this, having not been a born and bred [“Star Trek”] fan, the first time that all of us were on the bridge and I sat in the captain’s chair … looking around, it was like points of light in the audience. When that moment happened, there were real fans in the crew, grips and gaffers, the art department people, they had come just to watch that moment. Because for them it was a really momentous occasion, and I, not really understanding the gravity or the coolness of it, was kind of unaware until I saw these people light up … What it means to sit in that chair is quite powerful. Anyway, the chair became this wonderful, beautiful touchstone that was reflective of not only the journey in the film but also who you are and what you are as a person and how you want to sit in your own chair, for lack of a better metaphor. It was really cool.
TrekMovie has compiled more quotes and videos with Pine and the always stunning Elizabeth Banks as they talked about People and other topics.

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