Sunday, June 3, 2012

Orci Q&A Reveals Sequel Tidbits

While on a plane ride, Star Trek sequel writer and producer Roberto Orci engaged TrekMovie fans in an impromptu Q&A about the yet unnamed Star Trek 2 sequel. It occured on the site's post about the five Star Trek Captains panel that occured this weekend at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. He did reveal a few tidbits of info but for all intents the Abrams cone of silence remains intact. The full transcript is here. The highlight summary is below with my random thoughts in ().

- Klingons are in film, have ridged forheads like in cut scenes from 2009 movie. (*see below)
- Official sub-title still being debated (Always hard to top Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country)
- No decision has been made yet on what Trek might do at San Diego Comic Con
- "The sequel was hard to get behind and figure out" compared to first in part due to "benefit of lower expections."
- No date on teaser trailer, "but super soon."
- "Harry Mudd is not the villain. (Thank god, always hated that character)
- Would not answer question if Leonard Nimoy is in film. (Easy to say no if he isn't...)
- Simon Pegg (Scotty) does more in this film as does McCoy.
- Orci open to participating in a Trek TV and animated series. (Neither is currently in the works and likely will not be until Trek 3 comes out years from now)
- Said there are "more than a few" hints in the comic books about the sequel.

* The comment about the Klingons suddenly gave me the idea that Benedict Cumberbatch could be a Klingon. One that was cosmetically altered to infiltrate Starfleet. It would explain ability to take on Spock since Vulcans and Klingons are about equal in strength.

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