Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Abrams Officially Comfirms Cumberbatch is the Villain

While this has been known for nearly a year now, JJ Abrams finally decided to give a millimeter crack in the cone of silence to officially verify that Benedict Cumberbatch is the villian of Star Trek Into Darkness. He also provided an update on the film saying that they are editing the film. The information came from a video that Yahoo posted, below is relevant parts courtesy of TrekWeb.
Abrams replied that it "comes out next May, and we're just editing now. It is obvioiusly a little to early to be talking specifically about the movie, but we're editing the film now. It has been a blast working with the same cast, and some new amazing actors, including Benedict Cumberbatch, who is this British actor who is mind-blowing great, and we are putting the movie together now."

When the interviewer asked, "And, he (meaning Cumberbatch) is the villian?", Abrams replied, "Uh huh", meaning "yes".
Who knows when the next tidbit will be revealed but can't help but think a teaser trailer or something needs to be released for the holiday movie season. I think Paramount and Abrams are missing a huge opportunity by not attaching one to Skyfall, especially considering the solid buzz it is getting. The next opportunity will be with The Hobbit. After that you have what is traditionally a dry movie period where the Oscar bait and smaller budget films get released, few of which get the same attention or ticket sales that the Trek could benefit from especially since it is basically kicking off the 2013 Summer slate.

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