Saturday, November 17, 2012

Two Star Trek: Final Frontier Cartoon Scripts Posted

Before JJ Abrams took over the helm of Star Trek, around CBS Interactive seemed to entertain the idea of developing a Star Trek cartoon series called Star Trek: Final Frontier. Now online is a more detailed history of the project's history, the Federation timeline, specifics on the Enterprise crew, the initial episode, two scripts, and gallery of artwork. To see all the details, click here.

The initial order to Zero Room Productions was for essentially a single 30 minute episode broken down into five six minute segments similiar to how Star Wars: The Clone Wars first launched on the Cartoon Network but would be put on For the next year the staff created designs and wrote multiple script drafts. However, by 2007 CBS was undergoing its own massive change that included firing most of their online staff including everyone associated with which remained dormant for three years and remains very lightly staff with minimal amount of finances put into it. Since most of the CBS people they were working with were fired and Abrams took over, the chances of a cartoon series of any kind has ended if and until JJ Abrams is willing to entertain the idea and can sell CBS and Paramount on it (a very tall order since talking dozens of execs any one of which has complete veto power).

As for the story, it took place basically 150 years after the end of Star Trek: Nemesis where Omega devices have ripped subspace apart breaking warp travel. It was assumed Romulans were involved so the Federation declared war. After a long trench style war, a truce was reached and the Federation rebuilt itself and so adopted a policy of isolation over exploration. Captain Alexander Chase of the USS Enterprise and his crew decided it was time to boldly go once again.

While may fans have hopes that Trek will continue on TV in the near future, I don't think that possibility will happen in any form until after Star Trek 3 comes out (probably in 2016 at current pace, if only to avoid Star Wars Episode VII). After that the cast contracts expire and its doubtful few of them will want to renew for a fourth movie. Only then will TV talk possibly start up. (via TrekMovie)

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