Monday, December 10, 2012

Restore The Enterprise Bridge Kickstarter Nears End

The Kickstarter project to restore the Enterprise-D bridge from around the time of the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas (so circa 2003) is nearing its final days. I already posted about the goal but what started as a kind of grass roots effort at got a new life from Kickstarter. The project already achieved its $20,000 goal but in a new post project mastermind Huston Huddleston, he makes the case for reaching $40,000. The goal is to restore the trashed set as a traveling education set with real working LCARS monitors and other built in electronics to make it seem like a working bridge. Click here to read the details and here for the Kickstarter page, worth checking out if only for all the celebs and other details the description has on the project and the support it has received.

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