Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Writers Talks Countdown To Darkness

Today the first issue of Star Trek: Countdown To Darkness hit stores. The 4 issue mini-series is a prequel story to Star Trek Into Darkness that will be out on May 17. Roberto Orci, one of the writers of the movie, help plot the series with Mike Johnson who last worked together for Star Trek: Countdown back in 2009. The duo spoke with about the miniseries. Below are highlights from the interview.

- Johnson: "The mini-series will flow directly into the next movie.."
- Johnson did have access to the script which "was invaluable when it came to creating a story that ties into the movie in a meaningful and effective way."
- There are no Star Trek Prime connections in this mini-series.
- On canon, Orci said "canon is that which is filmed [but]...the comics are as close to canon as you can get without being on film."

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