Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Abrams Talks Trek Characters

The characters of Star Trek Into Darkness are the central discussion as JJ Abrams talks about the movie in a five minute interview from Collider. Video and highlights below.

- Abrams: "Into Darkness is about this now family being tested in a way they never had before. In the first film he gets the captain’s chair and in this film he earns it. It is really about this group being thrust into crazy intense adventure that takes them not only elsewhere but also takes place very much on Earth."
- While JJ Abrams didn't grow up on Trek so didn't feel like "sacrilege ...to play in this sandbox." Grateful for chance to play in it.
- He gets why die hard fans do not like the changes but figures fans should be able to still enjoy a continuations of Roddenberry's creation and let their imagination go.
- Even though a sequel, doesn't assume everyone had seen the first so tries to reintroduce all the characters and provide them with a "critical role in the movie."
- He attempts at keeping secrets is to kind of return to how movies were seen in pre-Internet age when the audience really didn't know much of anything about the movie beside the basics revealed through a trailer or two.

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