Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Big Bad Talk, New Images for Star Trek Into Darkness

Yep, more Khan talk. Now is saying they have sources confirming that the Star Trek Into Darkness big bad is really Khan, the real name of the John Harrison character that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing. This joins multiple other website having reported the same thing over the last year. At this point the trailers make it clear that this movie is so different from any previous Trek flick that the name of the villain no longer matters as there is no relationship between the two even if had identical names. Which is fine and probably a key goal when writing the film but it also means the continued "is he or isn't he Khan" really just isn't worth talking about anymore.

On a somewhat related note, SFX Magazine has hit the shelves with their STID issue where they spoke with JJ Abrams, writer Damon Lindelof and some of the cast. Nothing much revealed. More talk (which could have been lifted from interviews from the first film) from Abrams saying they are trying to make a film that will please both long time Star Trek fans and those new to the franchise. Damon Lindelof answered a question about how the recasting of the big bad from Benicio Del Toro to Benedict Cumberbatch did impact how the character was written but not the story. In regards to Trek in 3D he said, "I would say that the 3D in Trek is better than the 3D in Prometheus in terms of the way the movie was designed. Because A.) It was built into the story, B.) It wasn’t used in a gimmicky way, and C.) Every shot that J.J. did was cognitive of the process." Last but not least are the new images via Trek Movie. The key one is this shot of Abrams on a bridge set that is not the USS Enterprise.

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