Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness CinemaCon Footage Description

Monday was the beginning of CinemaCon, a convention of theater owners in Las Vegas that has the Hollywood studios previewing their summer movies and future plans. Star Trek Into Darkness got its presentation done on the first day as two scenes from the movie were shown after being introduced by film stars Chris Pine, John Cho, Alice Eve, and Zachary Quinto. A summary is below with the full description at TrekMovie.

- Little more of the opening nine minutes shown that details more on how Kirk violates the Prime Directive, resulting in the Nibiru natives praying to the Enterprise.
- In second scene is Kirk confronting Harrison in Sickbay about a larger Dreadnaught Class starship (that is Federation built but not controlled) off the Enterprise's bow.
- Kirk and Harrison perform a space jump to reach the other ship, where Scotty is already on board trying to get the airlock opened.
- Space jump sequence (as teased in trailers) has the tension ratcheted up by Scotty dealing with opening the airlock while not being sucked while a large security guard confronts him while the Kirk's spacesuit face plate begins to crack putting a clock on everything.

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