Monday, April 8, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness Premieres Start in Australia

According to TrekMovie, one of the premieres of Star Trek Into Darkness is set for April 23rd at the George Street Event Cinema in Sydney, Australia. I am not sure if this is considered the "world premiere" (first time final movie shown to general audiences or at least local celebs) or just the Australian one. The word "premiere" is actually an overused term to help promote a movie with the cast who spend the day fielding questions from the various news agencies in that particular city. Star Trek is no different in the practice with a mini-world tour of premiere's planned. The Moscow, Russia premiere is set for April 25th, Berlin, Germany on April 29th, and London, United Kingdom on May 2nd. No date set for the US premiere but since we are getting the movie a week after the rest of the world and the cast will be making the TV talk show circuit, I assume it will be sometime in the May 9 to 13th range. Considering the Abrams' cone of silence, the premieres and the interviews that come with them will at least provide a somewhat entertaining exercise in watching how many different ways they can answer the same 10 or so questions while giving different sounding answers that reveal nothing about the movie. For any Australian readers, Empire is offering a contest to win 25 double passes to the Austrlian premiere. Click here for details.

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