Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Star Trek Phaser Sells for $231,000

A one of a kind phaser prop used in the Star Trek The Original Series episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" sold for $231,000 at Julien's Auction. This is the second highest price a Trek prop received, the first being a captain's chair for $304,750. With most televisions series, especially the older ones, once a show got cancelled pretty much everything related to the show from sets, to props, to costumes, where destroyed. If any props existed it was either because they were taken as souvenirs or by happenstance if mislabeled boxes or other events that would lead them to be lost (and later found) in storage. In this case the phaser, built by Reuben Klamer, was used by Kirk to stop his friend Gary Mitchell from using his growing telepathic powers from killing the Enterprise crew and using the ship to harm other civilizations. If remember right the phaser didn't harm Mitchell but was useful in causing a large rock to land on him. The rifle version of the phaser was replaced with the hand model used in all other episodes of the series. A video showing off the prop can be seen below.

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