Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Enterprise Coming Soon to Starship Collection

The official Star Trek Starships collection from Eaglemoss has teased that their next special edition release (following Deep Space Nine) will be the JJ Abrams' version of the Enterprise using the CGI model used in Star Trek Into Darkness as the template. The ship release is part of the "special edition" line that costs $40 each and runs parallel to the regular edition releases.

The Starships Collection regular run, about to launch in Canada but already available in UK and US, releases a new starship model every two weeks. Called an "issue" because of the magazine that comes with the model, the ships chosen are based on those used throughout the history of Star Trek in the TV shows and movies. The cost of each is $20 or $40 a month if join the club that sends them out in pairs of two.

I joined the US version late last year and have to admit I am surprised with how much I liked them. I figured would collect the first 4 or so sets and call it a day but if the quality remains I might go for the entire 70+ ship run. Or until I run out of space to display which can get to be problem when talking about that many figures. Depending on model needs they ships are made out of a mix of mostly plastic with some metal and come with a stand that is specific to each ship and as long as don't drop on tile are very much more durable than would think. I dropped the Romulan Warbird down a flight of steps and despite multiple bounces nothing broke or scratched. Not willing to do the same unintentional drop test to the others (as of this writing have issues 1-10).

Now I would be the first to agree that $20 each is high ($10-$15 would be more reasonable) but since nothing like this has been released before beggers can't be choosers and I like the idea of having various ships from Star Trek. Now none of the ships are in scale to each other, mostly for the practical fact that it would the ships of the line wildly varied in scale especially as jump from Star Trek: TOS to the Next Generation. As for the size, I would say the average (with stand) is around 6" tall by 4" wide by 4" deep. Another thing of note from collecting these is the colors of the ships may not necessarily be what you would expect. For example, the Enterprise-D has a slight brown tint to it. That is by design as the models are created from either the CGI versions of the ships or the models that were built for the shows or movies which were often designed to account for for color correction, lightning needs and other details of filming. As a result there is the color seen on TV and movies and the actual "true" color of the ship when it was designed and built by the various SFX crews of the series. I would recommend hitting up YouTube reviews to help with sort out scale and other details to help in making a decision.

If a long time Star Trek fan, I would recommend at least considering the collection especially now that they have finally revealed what the first 40 ships are going to be (I only knew of the first five when I pulled the trigger). If interested in learning more and maybe ordering the collection click the link for country: USA | Canada | UK. Tip: Will learn the most from the UK link as they have a six month lead on everyone else but if ordering make sure to order from proper link for country.

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