Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Star Trek Timelines Announcement Trailer

A new Star Trek strategy role-playing game has been announced for release on mobile devices and web browsers. Called Star Trek Timelines, the idea is mix all eras of the Star Trek in a "story-driven social game that allows players to explore the galaxy, tackling problems through combat, science or diplomacy, while collecting resources and building the ultimate starship." For fans, probably the fun part will be having famous Trek characters working together so could build a crew with Captain Archer ordering Spock and Riker around while Bashir and medical.

"We want to create a new generation of strategy game for tablet and mobile devices and one that is as large and deep as the Star Trek universe itself," said Jon Radoff, CEO of Disruptor Beam via official press release. "I grew up watching the franchise and have always felt that the best episodes were those that went beyond the coolness of the technology or vastness of space; the ones which told the story of characters making important decisions that had an impact on others, on civilizations, planets, and technology. Star Trek Timelines will encompass all of these concepts, allowing you to explore the vastness of space along with your friends—letting you live out the 'where no man has gone before' mantra we all love—but will also allow you to make decisions that impact your future, your friends and even the fate of the Galaxy."

The game is being developed by Disruptor Beam whose other recent title is Game of Thrones: Ascent. The announcement trailer below does nothing to show case the game as its full of quotes from different characters in across all Trek shows. Hopefully soon will get a better idea of how the game will look and gameplay. You can keep up with the game's progress through the official Facebook page or DisruptorBeam.com.

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