Monday, December 22, 2014

Fast and Furious Director Takes Over Star Trek 3

After ousting Star Trek 1 and 2 writer Roberto Orci from the director's chair, Paramount has found his replacement for Star Trek 3 and it is action film director Justin Lin. He isn't a household name like Abrams but you might be familiar with his work as he directed Fast and Furious 3 to 6, some of the more acclaimed episodes of Community. My only concern with choice is does nothing to address my biggest complaint about the previous two films which is they were great action films that really nothing to do with Star Trek. This choice indicates that all Trekkies will just have to accept it as hiring Lin solidifies Trek's direction as an action film franchise. As a huge fan of Lin's Fast and Furious films (and Community), I am hoping that Lin surprises me and can bring characterization, story and a distinctive Star Trek stamp to the film, something that Abrams was unable to do with his two efforts. As always time will tell but I am cautiously hopeful.

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