Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Shatner Once Again Denied Being In Star Trek Beyond

For some reason this rumor will just not die. No idea why it keeps coming back but for the umpteenth time the rumor emerges that William Shatner will be in a Star Trek film and Shatner has to deny it. I think this is the third or fourth time for Star Trek Beyond. As The Shat tells SFX Magazine that "There was never a conversation. It would have been interesting to see what their fertile imaginations could have done with somebody who is 20 years older than when Captain Kirk died [in 1994's Star Trek: Generations] and how they would have explained the difference in appearance. But that never came up. I’m sure they must have thought of it one time or another, but I never had a substantial conversation about replaying the role." A scene was written for Shatner for the 2007 Star Trek film but he turned it down saying he "doesn't do cameos". Since then he has not been considered to return in the films.

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