Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Trailer to Premiere in May

This past weekend, the various studios have been courting theater executives with movie stars, footage and trailers from movies set for release this summer at a yearly event called CinemaCon. While JJ Abrams and Simon Pegg did some courting, what they didn't show was any footage from the film which surprised (and likely angered) the pampered executives. Instead Paramount made the decision to hold back until they officially kick off the full blown marketing of the movie in May by showing the new trailer at some currently unknown fan event the studio is planning in May as part of the 50th Anniversary plans.

Personally I have never understood why the studios bother with the yearly coddling because theater owners are going to show their films on however many screens they can regardless if only a) its bad business not too and b) if word were to get out a chain refused to show says "Star Trek Beyond" because they were not properly pampered at some industry event, I doubt the average movie fan would respond with support. It is nice to see the studio courting fans. The exact nature of the event and dates remain unknown. I could not find a Star Trek convention planned for that month in the area so I would not be surprised if nothing happens and the trailer just gets released as the stars of the film start making the talk show circuit rounds. The film is set for release on July 22, 2016.

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