Friday, June 17, 2016

Pine, Boutella and Giacchino Comment on Star Trek Beyond

Britain Sci-fi and fantasy magazine SPX's next cover story is about Star Trek Beyond. The issue doesn't come out until June 22 but has posted a few quotes they received. Below are the two key ones. In addition, Star Trek composer Michael Giacchino discusses the differences in score tone between the first two films and the third one.

Chris Pine on Star Trek today:
“You can’t make a cerebral Star Trek in 2016. It just wouldn’t work in today’s marketplace. You can hide things in there – Star Trek Into Darkness has crazy, really demanding questions and themes, but you have to hide it under the guise of wham-bam explosions and planets blowing up. It’s very, very tricky. The question that our movie poses is “Does the Federation mean anything?” And in a world where everybody’s trying to kill one another all of the time, that’s an important thing. Is working together important? Should we all go our separate ways? Does being united against something mean anything?”

Sofia Boutella about Jaylah:
“Jaylah is a survivor, and she is someone who thinks outside of the box. She’s an alien warrior, but her look is relatable to humans; her alien appearance in the film is not extreme. She has more in common with Kirk than anyone else in the film; they’re both very independent, and they’re both very honest and direct in their approach. She makes her own weapons.”
Michael Giacchino on Trek scores:

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