Thursday, August 25, 2016

IDW November 2016 Star Trek Comics

IDW Publishing has released their publishing plans for November 2016. Two comics and two trades are coming that month. The new ongoing continues which is set after the events of Star Trek Beyond. In addition the anthology series continues with two stories set during the Original Series. A new Star Trek series launches called "Boldly Go" that is set in the Kelvin Timeline, after the events of Star Trek Beyond so sometime during the third year of the five year mission. For the full details of IDW's other books including GI Joe, Ghostbusters, TMNT, Transformers, and more click here.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #2
Mike Johnson (w) • Tony Shasteen (a) • George Caltsoudas (c)
The blockbuster series continues with an all-new STAR TREK adventure set after the events of STAR TREK BEYOND! Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise encounter a new threat to the Federation, but one very familiar to STAR TREK fans! Meanwhile, Spock and Uhura face an uncertain future on New Vulcan! Following the events of Star Trek Beyond!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek: Waypoint #2 (of 6)
Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Sam Maggs (w) • Gordon Purcell, Rachael Stott (a) • David Malan (c)
This month, two stories from different ends of the galaxy! First, a GOLD KEY homage from New York Times best-selling Star Trek author Dayton Ward, with Trek novelist and collaborator Kevin Dilmore, and art by Gordon Purcell (Star Trek), where Kirk and Spock find an uncharted planet inhabited by monstrous robots! And finally, a story by Sam Maggs, bestselling author of The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, with art by Rachael Stott (Star Trek, Doctor Who). Learn the backstory of Yeoman Leslie Thompson, the first and ONLY female redshirt to die in the ORIGINAL SERIES!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Star Trek, Vol. 13
Mike Johnson (w) • Tony Shasteen (a & c)
All-new stories set in the universe of the new Star Trek films! In “Legacy of Spock” the elder Spock joins the last survivors of Vulcan to search the galaxy for a new home. Then, in “Altered Encounters” the Five Year Mission continues for the Enterprise, as Captain Kirk and the crew encounter… themselves! Collects issues #55-60.
TPB • FC • $19.99 • 140 pages • ISBN: 978-1-63140-775-8

Star Trek: The Classic UK Comics, Vol. 2
Various (w) • Carlos Piato, Vicente Alcazar, John Stokes, Harold Johns (a) • Carlos Piato, Vicente Alcazar (c)
This second volume fills in another major gap in Star Trek lore, courtesy of these never-before reprinted comics that originally appeared in weekly British magazines in the early 1970s. There’s much to love about these wonky, way-out writings and their atypical artwork. These oft-forgotten Star Trek tales represent a different era. They’re lost gems with many facets and a unique perspective, an eccentric corner of Star Trek history unlike any other. These are the U.K. voyages of the starship Enterprise-and, now, at last, fans everywhere can experience them.

As a special bonus, Rich Handley provides the first half of a detailed encyclopedia of all things Star Trek from these British comics. Exploring the minutiae is half the fun of enjoying a franchise, and when it comes to Trek, there’s no end of trivia to devour!
HC • PC • $49.99 • 240 pages • 8.5″ x 11″ • ISBN: 978-1-63140-776-5

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