Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Martin-Green Character Name for Star Trek: Discovery

The lead character of Star Trek: Discovery finally has a character name. With the long predicted death of her character on The Walking Dead, CBS finally officially verified that Sonequa Martin-Green was cast as the lead character on the upcoming Trek show. When her casting was first revealed, the rumored name was Lieutenant Commander Rainsford. Now we know the character name is First Officer Michael Burnham. So info wise not much as changed except the accuracy of the character name. Past that nada. This does mean that Martin-Green is now a little more free to talk about the casting but not the particulars of the show it self.

From talking to The Hollywood Reporter she said "Star Trek came way later, after [her TWD character death] was all said and done. We were shooting the finale before the opportunity for Star Trek about." On the choice to go with a first officer perspective she said "Being the first officer on the ship is going to be a wild ride because we haven't seen that happen before in the Star Trek canon, we haven't seen the story be told from the perspective of the first officer rather than the captain. It's going to open up so much potential for new storylines because not being the captain automatically gives you a different perspective."

As for the overall show she said to TVLine that "This iteration of Star Trek is going to have a different take than the others in the Star Trek canon,” she says. “It’s going to be bigger, rawer and grittier… and the story’s going to build on itself. It’s going to be a tremendous journey. Since Star Trek has always been through the eyes of the captain. To be coming from [his second-in-command’s] mindset is going to be refreshing and challenging in ways that are very thrilling."

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