Thursday, May 18, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery Trailer, Stills, and Talking Trek Aftershow

Wednesday was "upfronts" for CBS where they presented their plans for the 2017-2018 television season for the United States (and really the world since most of their shows air worldwide). Part of that presentation focused on Star Trek: Discovery that included a trailer (below) and announcing the season will expand from initial plan of 13 episodes to 15. There will also be an aftershow called "Talking Trek" but no details on how, where or who will host the show was not revealed.

The show is said to be said in the Star Trek "prime" universe 10 years before The Original Series but I would understand if you assumed it was the movie's Kelvin-verse (or was later revealed to be) considering everything from set design, Klingons, how its shot, and over all look and feel seems to come directly from the recent three movies (get a taste in new pictures below).

I have mixed feelings on that but ultimately understand the business and story thinking behind it as today's special effects technology would be hampered if forced to go retro in designs on everything. Do able but kind of working with one hand tied behind your back for no reason except to pray to the continuity gods. If not in the US, can see the Netflix version here. Screencaps with theories here.

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