Thursday, May 30, 2019

DS9: What We Leave Behind Documentary Release Date

The multi-year process of creating What We Leave Behind documentary on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine finally reaches its conclusion with its release on Blu-ray on August 6 in North America via Shout Factory. There is no release dates for the rest of the world but the NA release version is region free so importing is an option. The documentary is a result of several rounds of fan funding on Indiegogo (who will receive their own special edition in early July) that in part was the result of people discovering the series through Netflix.

Really if have not watched DS9, I highly recommend it. The first three seasons was the series still figuring things out but seasons 4-7 really set not just a gold standard for Star Trek but really set the bar for what television would become with multi-season arcs, character arcs, continuity, and more. The doc that includes cast, producers, writing interviews, a discussion of a hypothetical new episode of the series, DS9 footage remastered in HD, and more. Special features will include an introduction, brief history of the series, deleted scenes, and behind the scenes features. All the details on the release is at

Shout Factory! is also release a 1,500 copy special edition version for $30 that will include an additional disc of with extended conversations with show composers and 50 minute round table on making the documentary. If interested in just the standard edition, you can pre-order it now for around $21 at Amazon.

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