Tuesday, January 15, 2008

William Shatner Interview

This month's Details Magazine interviewed William Shatner for its Wise Guy feature. Its a great interview revealing some tidbits about Shatner I wasn't aware of and why he isn't in Star Trek XI.

The full interview is here.

- After Star Trek was cancelled lived out of a pick-up truck under the hard shell with his dog.
- 2004 album Has Been has a track about the death of his wife in 2004 and with that concluded there really isn't closure, "we grieve forever."
- Motivated by ideas, wants to do a talk show, has three animated film ideas, nearly finished with his autobiography and plans to continue to write Star Trek themed novels (I think the current one is Starfleet Academy).
- Did talk with JJ Abrams about being in Star Trek XI but they shot in November with Leonard Nimoy and he simply isn't in it. Disappointed but not outraged but thinks its a "stupid business [and] box-office decision."
- Apparently sold his kidney stone for $75,000 which was donated to Habitat for Humanity who built a house with the money.

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