Monday, July 25, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Spoiler Free Review

It looks like third time is the charm. While Star Trek Beyond remains an action movie, for the first time it really feels like a Star Trek action movie. The emphasis on action is of no surprise considering the $185 million budget, its summer tent-pole status, and Justin Lin (Fast & Furious films) as director. What was a nice pleasant surprise was the solid amount of humor, characterization, and use of Star Trek elements with the action, something the previous films tried with hit and miss results.

The film opens with an amusing away mission moment that doesn't go as planned before the crew heads to the Star Base Yorktown whose realization is Star Trek technology taken to an extreme but beautiful degree (but not all together practical if assume space is dangerous) for some R&R. The crew is weary from three years exploring the final frontier and Kirk is seriously considering a desk job as he is tired of the "episodic" nature of his space tour. However a rescue mission intervenes and the crew goes into action. From there it hits the fans as the trailers have shown as the Enterprise is hit by an enemy unlike any encountered before in the franchise. From there its all action as the crew fight for survival against an unknown enemy.

As part of the fight, the bridge crew get separated and join together in teams not used before, even in the original series. This allowed for each character, and actor, to have a moment to shine on screen in effective ways. In the case of Bones and Spock, it means a few bro moments that will hopefully finally bring together the Star Trek trinity that the movies have hinted up but mostly avoided. Spock especially gets a few key moments, driven by the death of Ambassador Spock (Leonard Nimoy). The big bad of the piece, Krall, is actually a pretty typical Star Trek villian. The motivations eventually get explained and the reason why is less "oh my!" and more "again?" but that is actually ok as he does fit in with most of Star Trek villains through the last 50 years.

Star Trek 50th Anniversary SDCC 2016 Panel

Below is a video of the Star Trek 50th Anniversary SDCC 2016 Panel that was held Saturday afternoon. Moderated by Star Trek: Discovery showrunner Bryan Fuller, the panelists included William Shatner (TOS), Scott Bakula (ENT), Michael Dorn (DS9), Jeri Ryan (VOY), and Brent Spiner (TNG). The video after is the post panel press conference.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

New Star Trek Series Official Title, Ship Revealed

Saturday at a SDCC 2016 Star Trek panel, the new series show runner Bryan Fuller revealed the official title as "Star Trek: Discovery". The video shows a not final look of the NCC-1031 U.S.S. Discovery as she leaves a docking station. During the panel and at a later press conference he did provide a select few details about the new series which will debut in January 2017.

- It is set in the Prime Timeline (as in all the previous TV series timelines) but exactly when he did not say. The ship's current look at most might narrow it down to post "Enterprise", pre-"Next Generation" time frame but that covers around 200 years so that isn't saying much.

- Story telling style will be "live a novel, chapter by chapter."' "We are telling the story in a modern way, which allows us not to try to wrap up the tale in 42 minutes. So we look at each season as one novel."

- The ship design might be based on 1970s Ralph McQuarrie Enterprise designs but "we can’t legally comment on it until [our legal team] figures out some things.” McQuarrie essentially designed the Star Wars universe when he worked on the 1st trilogy.

- On ship name: "There are so many reasons why we settled on Discovery. But the chief one amongst them was that I couldn't think of a more Star Trek-themed name for a ship than Discovery."

Friday, July 22, 2016

Star Trek Beyond In Theaters Now

Star Trek Beyond is now out in theaters. Below is a new TV spot and Captain Kirk featurette to enjoy until you get a chance to see the movie.

50 Artists for 50 Years Gallery

Currently on display at the San Diego Comic-Con before going on tour is 50 works of art for 50 years of Star Trek. Click here to view some of the amazing work.