Sunday, August 28, 2016

Star Trek: Discovery Adds Writers, Meyer to Write Episode Two

In an interview with AICN, Star Trek: Discovery's show runner Bryan Fuller provided a few new details on the upcoming series. Sadly no real casting or story news. Just how the sausage is made hirings and early script assignments.

- Lead non-captain female character is called "Number One" (as in first officer or first lieutant, the ship's second in command). It was used by Picard towards Riker in The Next Generation.

- While the first season is only 13 episodes long, show runner Bryan Fuller indicated he would ahve been fine with only 10 episodes per year.

- The first episode is co-written by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek 2009), the second episode by Nicholas Meyer (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country).

- Recently added co-showrunners are Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts who worked on Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies, Roswell and Reign.

- Jess Alexander (Alias, Hannibal) and Kemp Powers (One Night in Miami) have joined the writer's room which already includes Joe Menosky (Star Trek Voyager's Year of Hell), Kristen Beyer (Voyager novels), and Aron Eli Coleite (Heroes).

- Time travel, used at least two times per season of every Star Trek series ever (according to Fuller), will not be used in first season of Discovery.

The World of James Horner Tribute Blu-Ray

Last year movie score composer James Horner died in a plane crash. For Star Trek fans he is most known for his score to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and possible for Search for Spock. I think his very best music was the score for Glory (which is not available for digital purchase that I can find). However, most may know him for his '90s and '00s work which includes Braveheart, Avatar, Titanic, Apollo 13, and A Beautiful Mind. Other scores I recommend include Search for Bobby Fischer, Field of Dreams, Bicentennial Man, and Casper. His last work will be for The Magnificent Seven coming out in a few weeks.

If you are a fan, you might be interested in the new Blu-ray "Hollywood in Vienna: The World of James Horner". Recorded in 2013 as part of the concert series in a tribute to the works of James Horner. Conducted by David Newman, it includes music from many of the recommendations above but also from Willow, Aliens, The Mask of Zorro, The Rocketeer, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, and more including a long interview with the composer about his work. Full details at Amazon, trailer below.

From TrekMovie about composing Wrath of Khan:
Tabbed by Nicholas Meyer to write the score to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the then 27-year old composer only had seven previous credits to his name at that point. Dreaming of becoming a classical composer, Horner actually looked down on a career in film scoring; all of which changed with Wrath of Khan. Meyer wanted to distance this new film from the previous Star Trek: The Most Picture, which also meant not reusing any of Jerry Goldsmith’s iconic music from the movie.

“The film needed a powerful score,” Horner explained to Starlog Magazine’s Tom Sciacca in 1982. “The score is designed to help create a feeling of tremendous speed and power for the Enterprise.”

“Spock never had a theme before, and I wanted to give him a theme to tie the whole of Genesis and Spock by the end of the film,” Horner added, “so that it would all mean something. The theme for Spock, incidentally, is actually heard at the Leaving Drydock sequence.”

Thursday, August 25, 2016

IDW November 2016 Star Trek Comics

IDW Publishing has released their publishing plans for November 2016. Two comics and two trades are coming that month. The new ongoing continues which is set after the events of Star Trek Beyond. In addition the anthology series continues with two stories set during the Original Series. A new Star Trek series launches called "Boldly Go" that is set in the Kelvin Timeline, after the events of Star Trek Beyond so sometime during the third year of the five year mission. For the full details of IDW's other books including GI Joe, Ghostbusters, TMNT, Transformers, and more click here.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray USS Franklin Gift Set Pre-Order Available

Even though the very entertaining movie is still in theaters, the home video release of the movie is already available for pre-order. No details on the special features have been announced nor has the release date but if they are prepping this early then it will likely be in November or early December to take advantage of Christmas sales. The main reason you may want to look into the pre-order is the Quantum Mechanix mini-masters ship of the USS Franklin (the ship the crew use to escape the planet). Until recently I was only aware of QM for its crazy expensive but beautiful re-creations of Star Trek ships.

The Franklin is part of an Amazon exclusive $50 gift set that will include the ship and the 4K + 3D + Blu-ray combo. Deal wise its basically what the retail value of each would be if they were sold separately but personally I liked the mini-ship enough to make it worth pre-ordering and hope the price drops by the time its released. To pre-order: USS Franklin Gift Set | Blu-ray Combo

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Star Trek: Discovery Set Just Before The Original Series

Star Trek: Discovery show runner provided new details on the show at the Television Critics Association press tour that the networks use to help promote their new shows. Included in the details is when the series is set, the main character is female and few more tidbits.

- It's in the Prime Universe, "It’s set 10 years before Kirk, and will bridge the gap between Enterprise and the original series. We’re most closer to Kirk’s mission and get to play with that iconography."

- The story will involve an event that is part of Starfleet's history but not explored. He did confirm its not the Kobayashi Maru (that "inspired" the no-win scenario in Wrath of Khan to train cadets) nor the Romulan War. It also wouldn't feature Section 31 (a black ops section of Starfleet).

- The main character is a human female with the rank of Lieutenant Commander and is not the captain of the Discovery. "We haven’t cast her yet and we don’t know what level of diversity, she will be. The story that’s fascinating for me is that we’ve seen six series from captain’s point of view and to see one from another point of view gives us a richer context."

- There will be seven lead characters, one which is an alien character named Saru. "We’ll probably have a few more aliens than you normally do in a Star Trek cast,” Fuller revealed. “We’re going to have new exciting aliens and also re-imaginings of existing aliens."

- There will be a gay character. The move was partly inspired by fan hate mail due to rumors that Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine might be gay. He had kept the folder of hate mail to remind him to include such a character if ever given the opportunity to run a Trek series.

- Fuller also indicated he is considering including Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, at some point in the series' life (but not necessarily this season). "I love that character. I loved Winona Ryder’s portrayal of her [in the 2009 movie] and it’s a great character. It would be fun in some iteration of this show to incorporate her and her storyline she’s not a central part of the show but we love that character."

- On the series acronym: "There’s a reason why we call it ‘STD’. "It’s still Star Trek and we’re not subject to broadcast standards and practices. Hannibal was, and we got away with murder. There will be slightly more graphic content."

So what could the event be that the 13 episode season will focus on? I think it is about the Talosians.

First let us nail down the overall timeline: