Thursday, January 17, 2019

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 Begins Tonight

Friendly reminder that Star Trek: Discovery's second season has begun as of tonight, Thursday January 17. Just in case you were use to the old Sunday show times. In the US, it will appear on CBS All-Access at 8:30pm ET, in Canada will air on the Space Channel and on Netflix everywhere else by Friday 8am BST. Unless it changed, the plan is to do the entire season without a break, one episode per week. Here is the synopsis for season 2, episode one called "Brother".
The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery is on their way to Vulcan, but change course after answering a distress signal from the U.S.S. Enterprise. They join forces with Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) on a new mission to investigate seven mysterious red signals.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Star Trek Spinoff Series Announced

The rumor from a few months ago is now official. The Michelle Yeoh led Star Trek series is now in development with a focus on Section 31. The actress will reprise her role of ex-Mirror Universe Empress Georgiou & replacement Captain Philippa Georgiou who joined Section 31 in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. The show runners will be Bo Yeon Kim (?) and Erika Lippoldt (?).

“Michelle has shattered ceilings, broken boundaries, and astonished us with her grace and gravitas for decades,” Star Trek EP and expansion overlord Alex Kurtzman said in a statement today.”As a human, I adore her. As an actor, I revere her,” he added. “Erika and Boey are remarkable, exciting writers who bring a fresh perspective to the world of Star Trek, and we’re all thrilled to explore the next wild chapter in the life of Captain Philippa Georgiou.”

Yeoh will be reprising her role in season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery in the meantime which starts up this Sunday. About the series, Yeoh said “I’m so excited to continue telling these rich ‘Star Trek’ stories,” the actor said. “Being a part of this Universe and this character specifically has been such a joy for me to play. I can’t wait to see where it all goes – certainly I believe it will go ‘where no WOMAN has ever gone before!'”

So with this announcement that means there will be Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Below Decks half-hour animated comedy, Star Trek: Picard (my title, not official), and Star Trek: Section 31 (my title, not official), all of which may or may not bow at some point during 2019. A nice lineup of replacements for the ending of the current crop of Trek movies.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Picard Show Set In Post 2009 Movie Future

Alex Kurtzman, CBS's chosen to steer the good ship Trek for TV, has confirmed that upcoming Picard Star Trek TV series will be set in post 2009 Star Trek continuity, but no its not set in the movie-verse continuity. Since the show takes place about 20 years from the end of Star Trek: Nemesis, the time setting was assumed, but this is the first official confirmation of that.
"Picard's life was radically altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire," Kurtzman tells THR.

The Picard series will be the first onscreen Trek story set in the aftermath of that event, which would have altered the balance of power in the galaxy. The destruction of Romulus would also have extra resonance for Picard, who has a long and complicated relationship with the Romulans, the alien race that split from Vulcan society thousands of years ago and founded a separate civilization. The Romulans went on to control a portion of the galaxy, and the empire was in opposition to the Federation for all of Picard's career.
Now, this might be a little confusing if do not bother to keep up with Star Trek continuity. To start, there are multiple Star Trek universes or continuities. The three most common is The Original Series (I call it Prime-verse), the Mirror Universe (the one with bad versions of our heroes, most recently seen in Discovery), and Kelvin-verse (the last three movies' setting). Now remember in the 2009 Star Trek film, part of the story was Nero seeking revenge for the destruction of Romulus (home of the Romulans) and going back in time with Prime-verse Spock in pursuit creating the Kelvin-verse. The details of the movie are not important to the show beyond knowing that Romulus' destruction is an in canon event in the Prime-verse.

The main takeaway is the history of events is The Original Series (circa 2265-2268) > +100 or so years to The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager (circa 2365-2372) > + 7 or so years to Star Trek: Nemesis (circa 2379) > destruction of Romulus due to a supernova (2387) > Picard show set after this (~2393?).

In this context you how understand why his days on the USS Enterprise was over. In the comic book Star Trek: Countdown, co-written by Alex Kurtzman, around the time of Romulus' destruction, Ambassador Jean Luc Picard was the Federation representative on Romulus who had left the planet before its destruction and had taken on the goal of re-unification with Spock (who in turn had taken over from his father) between the people of Romulus and Vulcan. A goal that became essentially impossible with the the near extinction of the Romulus people. So for the first time Picard has no ship to captain and his secondary goal in life literally went up in a ball of flames. So yeah "radically altered" does seem about right. Looking forward to seeing the show when it premieres sometime in Fall 2019.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Star Trek 4 Shelved as Director Moves On

Buried in a Deadline article about the Game of Thrones pilot is news that impacts the movie portion of Star Trek. The hired director of Star Trek 4 was SJ Clarkson. However, she has now been tapped to direct the pilot episode for the Game of Thrones sequel. A job she became available for because Star Trek 4 "has since been shelved." This has not been officially confirmed by Paramount. Directors do leave slow moving projects, but considering just how slow moving Star Trek 4 has been, the shelved comment is likely not an exaggeration. End result, with the TV series firing on all thrusters, it is safe to assume the movie side of the franchise has been retired for the foreseeable future.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Star Trek: Discovery Featurette on Becoming Pike

Here is a new featurette featuring Anson Mount as he talks about the role of Captain Christopher Pike for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery that starts on CBS All Access on January 17.