Sunday, December 14, 2008

Leonard Nimoy On Movie, Canon

Via various websites, Leonard Nimoy (Spock) has committed on the movie to fans.

On TrekWeb, on what a wonderful film it is:
"About two months ago my wife, Susan, and I saw a near finished version of the new Star Trek movie. Some special effects and new score were not yet in place. Susan can be a very honest and tough critic. When it was clear that the story was wrapping up she turned to me and whispered, " I don't want this movie to end !!" There are some directors who can manage a grand scale and some who can deliver great personal character elements. Not many can do both. JJ Abrams is one of the few. He has given us a wonderful film."
Considering the recent revelations about Star Trek and how the movie ties into canon, Mr. Nimoy's comments on the subject last year with are interesting:
I think these writers and J.J. have taken great pains to see to that they honor the Star Trek history and the Star Trek canon. I don’t think there is going to be any problem with that at all…this is not an issue. I have seen quibbles on the Internet with people very nicely concerned. Saying “who else can play Kirk and Spock…it is not possible.” Well it is possible. Don’t worry. Once people see this film and see how good it is all those quibbles will go away. Are they respectful? Are they trampling on history? Will the canon be intact? None of that stuff is going to happen.
If I understand Orci's argument, the above is 100% true since they have a 2.0 universe (Abram's movie) to play in and are leaving the prime universe (one from last 45 years) alone beyond grabbing old Spock from it.

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  1. Since Star Trek, on numerous occasions, has dealt with alternate universes, why can't we just assume that this is more of an alternate reality rather than "our" reality--hence the differences from "canon." I am very excited to see this movie whether it fits into lore or not. I've been waiting for a true action Star Trek film rather than a political film from the Berman years. Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country, and First Contact were hits because of the action and character interaction. Maybe Nero and Spock are going through more than just a time rift--maybe it's a dimensional rift, too.