Sunday, February 15, 2009

Foster Writing Movie Adaptation

Sci-Fi writer Alan Dean Foster has been tapped to write the movie adaptation novel for the upcoming movie, as announced on his website.
This month's update is going to be very brief. I had to fly into Los Angeles a week ago to, among other things, see the new STAR TREK movie at Paramount. Which in my opinion is, by the way, really, really good. And as I'm writing the book version, and as said book version must be completed really, really soon, I am going to be really, really busy for the next month. (who has contacts I would love to have) have verified the news with Pocket Books. The adaptation will be released around May 8th, in the large sized paperback format (I think that is the longer books seen recently in stores) for an estimated price of $16 which could change. No word on an audio version but I would be very surprised if there isn't one.

The choice even comes Star Trek movie writer Roberto Orci approved:
If you are a fan of novelizations as we were as kids, then you have known his name for a long time and aside from that he has written some incredible sci-fi of his own. You are lucky to get him to do something based on your work and it was an honor to have this chance. And of course we were huge fans of his Transformer novelization.
Orci is hoping the novelization can provide more details then the movie can and "explain things and answer some questions in a way that can’t be done in a script." Those detail probably relate to this movie taking place in a Star Trek 2.0 alternate universe and can provide more background on the various rebooted characters.

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