Monday, June 15, 2009

Star Trek Weekend Box Report

Another weekend has ended and time to check in on how Star Trek is doing in box office results. The Hangover had another outstanding week taking the top spot ($32.8M, 27.1% drop) do to excellent audience word of mouth, Up took second ($30.7M, 30.3% drop), Taking of Pelham 123 debuted at third ($23.3M) and will likely drop like a rock considering the poor showing and subpar reviews. After the top three you have Night at the Museum 2 ($9.6M, 34.3% drop), Land of the Lost ($9M, 52.3% drop) and Imagine That ($5.5) for spots 4-6.

This brings us to 7th place Star Trek which did took in $5.4M for a 34.4% drop as it starts showing its 38 days in theatres. Its number remain outstanding overall but with Sandra Bullock's The Proposal and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on the horizon there is only one direction the movie will go in.

As far as overseas sales, Star Trek continues to lag behind the competition with 8th place overall with another $3.4M in sales. Overall, overseas sales are $118,519,512, US sales at $231,882,965 bringing its total worldwide gross to $350,402,477. Star Trek is supposedly a worldwide phenomena but it still has much ground to cover to get its audience back.

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