Friday, December 18, 2009

STO: Klingdon Gameplay Details (Update)

Star Trek Online website has updated to reveal some of the details about how the Klingon gameplay will work for the game. As it turns out, this race will have a heavy emphasis on player-vs.-player combat, which is appropriate. However, if you’re a fan of Klingons but not PvP then you probably will not get much enjoyment out of playing them. Cryptic comments about that here. Click here for the details on the Klingons, highlights below.

- Klingons are not available at game start, first has to be unlocked with a Federation character (about five hours into the game).
- Klingon captains have same skills as Federation captains including professions (science, engineering or tactical).
- However, leveling is done with PvP rather than player vs. environment like the Federation. Again a choice made probably because Klingons conquer, not explore.
- Four PvP types - challenges, arena, scenarios and war zones.
- Many ship classes will be capable of cloaking.

Update: Cryptic has posted an additional Klingons Q&A. They indicated they hope to add two more ships to each faction before launch, if player demand warrents it will have Gorn, Orion, etc ships, that ship color and skim customizations will be limited compared to Federation and may add Klingon Localization (i.e. stuff done in Klingon language) but this is something the player community will have to help grow.

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